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At your initial consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss in-depth your motivation and goals for your Long Island plastic surgery procedure. Your consultation is a great time to voice any concerns or fears about your surgery, as an open dialogue with your surgeon can help ease your worries and give you an accurate idea about what to expect.

If you haven't yet scheduled a consultation, use our Contact Us form to  request one now, or call our office to set up your appointment. Your Long Island plastic surgeon will review your medical history and perform a physical examination of the areas you wish to have treated. During the exam, he or she may evaluate your skin elasticity, muscle tone, and volume of fat or tissue to determine a proper course of action for your procedure. No 2 cosmetic surgeries are ever the same, and the initial consultation will help your doctor as much as it will help you.

You will also be asked questions about your lifestyle, as well as any medications, supplements, or drugs you might be taking. It's vitally important to answer these questions truthfully, as your answers may affect the process or outcome of your procedure. Any information you share with our doctors and staff is kept completely confidential.

The surgeon will also provide a detailed overview of your specific procedure, including incision sites, likely outcome, and important preoperative and postoperative instructions. If it is practical for you, our doctors encourage you to bring along a spouse, friend, or other trusted loved one to provide support during your consultation.

After your consultation, a patient coordinator will meet with you to discuss your insurance coverage (if applicable) and explain payment and financing options. If you're ready, you may also schedule your surgery at this time. The doctors and staff at North Shore Cosmetic Surgery understand that plastic surgery can be a big decision and will never pressure or rush you to move forward with a procedure.

Pre-Surgery Appointment

Once you've scheduled your surgery, you'll meet with your plastic surgeon in our Long Island office for a pre-surgery appointment. Your pre-surgery appointment is a great time to ask questions you might have thought of after your consultation. Your surgeon will also provide preoperative instructions. For procedures performed in our office, you'll speak to our anesthesiologist the night before your surgery. For procedures performed at the hospital, you'll meet with your anesthesiology team during your preoperative visit. Depending on your health history, you may need to obtain clearance from your primary care doctor prior to your surgery.

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