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Chin augmentation can create a more attractive facial balance for a receding chin or an overly-large chin structure. A small, sloping, or receding chin leaves you with a less attractive profile. Both surgical and non-surgical methods can be used in a custom chin augmentation. One of the most effective methods is placing a chin implant to create a more refined, balanced jawline and a more attractive, sculpted profile.

Custom chin augmentation treatments for a more attractive profile.

Long Island plastic surgeons Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. Yee Cheng Low, and Dr. John Layliev offer several options to consider for your chin augmentation. In addition to implants, manufactured in a wide array of sizes and shapes, noninvasive treatments such as fillers or Kybella can create a more pleasing facial contour. For an overly-large chin, a surgery called genioplasty may be appropriate. This surgery at North Shore Cosmetic Surgery in Melville, NY, shaves or repositions the bone to create a more balanced chin structure.

Ideal candidates for chin augmentation

Chin augmentation is a treatment for both men and women. If you are unhappy with the shape and appearance of your chin and are dissatisfied with the lack of definition at the jawline, chin augmentation can enhance the lower portion of your face. It is relatively common for our patients to combine rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) with a chin augmentation procedure. This combined approach can create an appealing facial balance and harmony – and our patients have found it to be life-changing.

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Why choose North Shore Cosmetic Surgery for chin augmentation?

Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons has a reputation for excellence in facial surgery, including chin augmentation or chin reduction. Our approach is customized, individual, and geared to create a look that appears entirely natural. We offer concierge-style service. Our surgeons are well-versed in all of the latest techniques and achieve genuinely beautiful results through a meticulous approach and a dedication to the art of plastic surgery.

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What is the surgical technique for chin augmentation?

A chin augmentation can be performed with general anesthesia or IV sedation. The incision is beneath the chin. A surgical pocket is created to secure the implant in place. The chin implant is inserted and positioned above the bone, below the lower lip. In some cases, the incision is within the mouth. Both incision points conceal any surgical scarring. Tiny sutures safely close the incisions, and your lower face is wrapped with bandages.

What to expect from chin augmentation surgery

Cosmetic chin treatment produces immediately gratifying results, which can be extremely exciting. Even though facial swelling and discoloration and bruising are expected initially, this is temporary. In most cases, chin augmentation takes about two weeks to heal. Strenuous activity must be avoided during this time. This particular surgery has exceptionally high success rates; when performed by our highly-trained plastic surgeons, your reshaped chin will appear natural and proportionate.

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Redefine your profile with chin augmentation surgery

Chin reduction or augmentation surgery can be a life-changing procedure, dramatically improving your overall facial look. You will have a more balanced, harmonious look to your lower face. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your chin or feel it is the wrong size and shape, chin augmentation can create the look you desire. Please call North Shore Cosmetic Surgery in Melville, NY, to schedule a private consultation.

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