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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Melville, NY

Breast reconstruction surgery can restore one or both breasts to an attractive size, shape, and appearance following a lumpectomy or mastectomy. The procedure can also repair the chest if damaged by a congenital issue or trauma.

Advanced options in reconstructive surgery make it easier for breast cancer patients to feel whole again and have breasts that look natural after a breast has been removed, a lump removed, or after trauma.

Breast reconstruction generally involves several procedures and different stages that may be done at the beginning of your breast cancer treatment or delayed until the treatment is complete. NY State and Federal law requires insurance to cover the procedure.

Long Island plastic surgeons Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. John Layliev, and DR. Yee Cheng Low create personalized surgical plans with compassion to help you and your cancer team restore your physical appearance and confidence.

Breast reconstruction candidates

Reconstruction of the breast(s) is an extremely individualized surgery. You will need an in-depth consultation to determine which procedure will be required. If you are considering reconstruction, you must be emotionally prepared for it and have realistic expectations about the results. While we are determined to achieve an attractive, natural appearance, your reconstructed breasts may not have the sensations, look, or feel of your natural breast.

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Why choose North Shore Cosmetic Surgery?

Dr. Romanelli is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Long Island, where he serves as Chief of Staff at Huntington Hospital-Northwell Health. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra-Northwell. As a respected educator, he is well-known throughout the medical community for his skills and knowledge in advanced breast reconstruction methods.

Dr. John Layliev is an award-winning, double-board certified plastic surgeon with an uncommon level of dedication to achieving superior results in breast reconstruction while providing compassion, support, and personal warmth to every procedure.

Dr. Yee Cheng Low is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery on the face, breast, and body. He performs mommy makeovers, rhinoplasties, face and neck lifts, eyelid surgery, and breast reconstruction following mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer, amongst many other procedures. He also employs nonsurgical treatments to rejuvenate the aging face and correct asymmetries.

Surgical techniques for breast reconstruction surgery

There are many surgical techniques available to reconstruct the breast. There are also multiple factors to evaluate when deciding on which method will produce the best results. A few of these factors include your specific cancer diagnosis, when the reconstruction is performed, whether you will use implants or natural tissue, and if nipple reconstruction or nipple-sparing is a part of the treatment plan. To recreate the breast, you must have enough tissue to harvest and cover the breast mound. Flap techniques accomplish this by using your own fat, muscle, and skin to build and cover the breast. The most common techniques we use are:

  • Implant-based reconstruction: Following a mastectomy, a tissue expander or an implant will be placed as the first step in breast reconstruction. The tissue expander will be expanded in our office, incrementally, until we achieve your goal in breast size. During a second stage operation, tissue expanders are exchanged for long-lasting breast implants. Fat grafting may be needed to achieve symmetry.
  • DIEP Flap: During this technique, skin and fat are harvested from the abdomen, along with the blood vessels, and this tissue is used to rebuild the breasts. This procedure is performed for women who have undergone a mastectomy. It can also have a faster recovery period, and as it is natural tissue and feels soft, just like a natural breast.
  • PAP Flap: A profunda artery perforator (PAP) uses fat, skin, and muscle tissue from your posterior and inner thigh to reconstruct your breast(s).
  • TRAM Flap: This technique takes muscle, skin, and fat from your abdomen to rebuild the breast. The tissue selected to build the new breast may be removed from the abdomen, or the tissue may remain connected to the donor location, maintaining the original blood supply.
  • Latissimus Dorsi Flap: This technique uses muscle, fat, and skin from your back. During this technique, the tissue is moved from the back to the breast(s) via a surgically created path, so it remains attached to the donor location, which keeps the blood supply in place.

Breast Reconstruction Reviews

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Breast reconstruction: What’s right for you?

Although flap procedures are a common and highly successful method for breast reconstruction surgery, you may want to reconstruct your breast(s) with the tissue expansion method. This technique places a tissue expander below the breast wall and then gradually fills it with a saline solution over three to four months to stretch the skin naturally.  After your reconstruction mammoplasty, you can further improve the look by having areola and nipple reconstruction. There are several procedures to restore the nipple and areola to appear natural, including custom tattooing for natural color.

Breast reconstruction revision on Long Island

In some cases, breast reconstruction will require revision surgery. Our team of talented breast surgeons is often called upon to repair any aesthetic or health-related issues from a primary reconstruction. We can replace implants, reshape tissues, or create a custom surgical plan to address any problems that have arisen after breast reconstruction surgery.

What to expect from breast reconstruction surgery

Surgical breast reconstruction typically requires several steps.  Some patients may need to stay overnight, based on the phased nature of the treatment. When the last stage of your reconstruction is complete, you will be wearing a medical support bra, and you may be prescribed medication to help control discomfort, bleeding, and swelling. In time, the reconstructed breast(s) should appear more natural, and the discomfort will fade. Regular checks with breast exams and mammograms are essential and advised to ensure your ongoing health.

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Restore your self-confidence with breast reconstruction

Although the process of breast reconstruction can take time, it is considered one of the most beneficial surgeries for our patients at North Shore Cosmetic Surgery. It may help improve the physical and emotional impact of breast cancer treatment, restoring your figure, femininity, and self-confidence. If you have lost a breast due to breast cancer, have had an injury to the chest, or have a congenital defect that affects the appearance of your breasts, we encourage you to contact our Melville, NY office and make an appointment.

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