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Reclaim Your Arm's Youthful Appearance

At North Shore Cosmetic Surgery, we perform custom upper arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, to tighten and tone this area of the arms when it is not possible with diet and exercise. Lax skin from the elbow to the shoulder is a common aesthetic problem, particularly for women and men who have lost weight or getting older.

Drs. Layliev, Romanelli, and Low are Long Island plastic surgeons who are exceptionally experienced in custom fat removal and skin tightening surgical techniques and offer private consultations for arm lifts. If you want more information about how an arm lift can resculpt the contour of your upper arms, please call and schedule an appointment at our private clinic, North Shore Cosmetic Surgery, in Melville, NY, today.

Who is an ideal candidate for an arm lift?

An upper arm lift is cosmetic surgery, performed with advanced techniques to slim the upper arm and remove excess skin to tighten any lax appearance. If you are self-conscious about “bat wings” and would want your upper arms to be trim and taut again, you are likely a good candidate for this procedure. You need to be in overall good health so that your skin recovers properly.

Some of the main concerns for an arm lift patient are excess, hanging skin on their upper arms, plus a loss of elasticity of the skin. It is important to note that you are at your ideal weight before undergoing this surgery. If you have any of the following, an arm lift can do wonders for your self-confidence:

  • Flabby upper arms
  • Loose skin on upper arms
  • You avoid wearing sleeveless tops or swimsuit
  • Upper arms have lost definition
  • You feel embarrassed by the appearance of your upper arms

Why choose us?

If you are embarrassed by flabby, loose upper arms, imagine the freedom you would feel if your arms were firm, taut, and attractive. At North Shore Cosmetic Surgery in Melville, NY, your surgery will be performed by a highly-accomplished plastic surgeon who has remarkable surgical skills. Our plastic surgeons are exceptionally well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies and provide an unparalleled level of personal service and care, and concierge-style service. They are among the most respected plastic surgeons practicing in the region, and widely known as true masters of the art.

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What does an arm lift surgery entail?

In most cases, your arm lift surgery is performed in our private outpatient facility.  An upper arm lift may be combined with other surgeries, such as a tummy tuck, mommy makeover, or thigh lift — as long as our plastic surgeons consider it safe and appropriate.

An arm lift is typically performed under general anesthesia. The sagging skin is removed, starting at the elbow and up to the armpit. The incision is placed as inconspicuous as possible, although a surgical scar on the underside of your arm will remain.

In cases where liposuction is needed to remove stubborn fatty deposits, this is included in your procedure. After the skin is pulled taut, it is carefully stitched back into place. You will have to care for the incisions by keeping them clean, bandaged, and wrapped with compression garments.

What is the recovery time after an arm lift?

A typical recovery time frame is about two weeks, with lots of rest to give your body time to heal. You use your arms for almost everything, so most of our arm lift patients ease their way back to their normal activities. Compression garments must be kept on until you receive permission to remove them from our surgical team. For at least a month, avoid all exercise, except taking short walks.

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Firm, fit, beautiful arms can be yours.

No matter what you call the droopy skin or “bat wings” under your upper arms, our plastic surgeons can transform your life with an arm lift in Long Island. If you are at your goal weight but still can’t lose the skin and flab on your upper arms, please contact us to plan a consultation with Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. John Layliev or Dr. Yee Cheng Low at North Shore Cosmetic Surgery. Look fitter and younger with brachioplasty.

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