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A lower body lift is a body contouring procedure to remove excess skin and fat to lift and reshape the lower body after a dramatic weight loss or damage from pregnancy. The surgery treats the mid to lower body, including buttocks, stomach, flanks, low back, and thighs. Depending on the quantity of excess tissue and skin, an incision around the waist may be needed to achieve the most attractive outcome.

A lower body removes all excess skin, fat, and tissue on the lower body to create a firm, youthful figure. Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. John Layliev has an exceptional level of experience performing custom body lift surgeries.

A lower body lift surgery performed at North Shore Cosmetic Surgery in Melville, NY, can be the final step in your journey after bariatric surgery or restore your body after pregnancy. Our skilled plastic surgeon ensures you achieve a stunning transformation, with a firm, sculpted lower body that appears healthy and normal.

What can a lower body lift do for me?

A lower body lift treats all of the following conditions:

  • Excess hanging skin and tissue at the lower abdomen
  • Sagging skin on the thighs and buttocks
  • Excess fat, skin, and tissue on the back
  • Resolves discomfort 
  • Allows you to wear tight, revealing clothing with confidence
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Are you a candidate for a lower body lift?

The best candidates for lower body lift surgery are usually people who have lost a significant amount of weight and now face a new aesthetic problem. Wrinkled, sagging, loose skin on the upper thighs and buttocks or sagging skin on the abdomen can be resolved. You should have realistic expectations about what the surgery entails. First, scars are left from the surgery due to the incisions. Next, the surgery has a more extended recovery period than many elective surgeries. You will need to plan your recovery with regard to your work and family care. Lastly, it's essential that you are at or near a healthy weight before undergoing lower body lift surgery.

Why choose North Shore Cosmetic Surgery?

If you are planning to undergo a lower body lift, you want the results to be smooth, sculpted, and appear entirely natural. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are masters of the art of aesthetic surgery and provide an unparalleled level of personalized care.

If you are struggling with the discomfort of unsightly excess skin and tissue after weight loss or pregnancy, you can be confident your surgery will be performed by a surgeon who employs advanced techniques and who is known for creating natural, beautiful outcomes.

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What is the surgery?

This surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and in most cases, will include at least one night in the hospital. The surgery time may be quite lengthy, taking roughly four to seven hours. The surgical incision is typically made at the waist and is called a circumferential 360, or a beltectomy. After the incision is placed, liposuction removes excess fat, and the loose skin is gently trimmed away. Once the extra fat and loose skin are removed, the skin is pulled taut and secured with sutures. Compression garments are put in place after the surgery to control bleeding, swelling, and bruising.

What to expect from a lower body lift

A lower body lift is a complex operation. It takes most patients around two weeks or more to return to basic activities. It may require up to six months before you can return to vigorous activities, including exercise. Our plastic surgeon will provide detailed instructions on caring for the surgical sites to limit the appearance of scars. While the recovery period is somewhat lengthy, the results are extraordinary, creating a tighter, smoother body without the loose, hanging skin that prevented you from living a happy, confident life. The rewards of the surgery are definitely worth the wait.

Transform your figure with a lower body lift

North Shore Cosmetic Surgery has a reputation for excellence in lower body lift surgery. We invite all weight loss patients to consult about our skin removal procedures to discuss a lower body lift. We take pride and joy in working with our patients to help them achieve their final transformation after weight loss. If you are concerned about extra skin and hanging folds on the mid to lower portion of your body, you could be a candidate for lower body lift surgery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Long Island plastic surgeon, Dr. John Layliev, to discuss this fantastic process and how it can change your life.

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