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Your eyes are an attractive facial feature that reveals your emotions, personality – and your age. In many cases, sagging, loose skin on the eyelids creates an older, less attractive facial appearance. Huntington, NY, plastic surgeons Dr. James Romanelli, Dr. Andrew Peredo, and Dr. John Layliev perform custom eyelid surgery, or “blepharoplasty,” to lift and tighten the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both, to create a younger, refreshed facial appearance.

At North Shore Cosmetic Surgery, countless women and men have undergone a custom eyelid surgery to correct sagging skin, enhance vision, and improve facial appearance. Treating sagging eyelids leaves you with a far younger look when performed by our talented plastic surgeons – not pulled or overdone, but entirely natural. Contact our office in Huntington, NY, to learn more.

Ideal candidates for eyelid lift in Huntington, NY

Eyelid surgery is a popular procedure for both women and men. At your initial consultation, we will evaluate your condition and advise you of the best treatment. Ideal candidates are bothered by excess, sagging skin, and folds on the upper eyelid or puffy skin beneath the bottom eyelid. These irregularities can lead to vision problems that affect your daily activities, including driving.

For an alert, lively, youthful facial appearance, blepharoplasty may be the appropriate treatment for you. If you have excess, hanging skin on the upper eyelid or bulges and puffiness under the eyes, blepharoplasty can repair this to provide you with a softer appearance.

Why choose us?

If you are troubled by the appearance of aging eyes, you want your surgery to achieve a look that appears entirely natural and refreshed, never overdone. We are pleased to be known as the premier clinic for blepharoplasty in Long Island. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have exceptional skills, artistry, and experience. They can create a look that brings you confidence and joy in life’s activities – looking younger, refreshed, and more approachable. Our eyelid surgeons are arguably the most talented in the area and provide an unparalleled level of concierge-style service.

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Surgical technique for blepharoplasty

During eyelid surgery, depending on the nature of the surgery, some form of anesthesia will be used. This cosmetic procedure can repair the top eyelid, on the bottom eyelid, or a blend of both treatments at once.


Upper eyelid surgery assists in reducing the excess of skin that impairs vision and attains a more flattering look. The incision point may be placed along the natural crease to remove skin and tissue.


Lower blepharoplasty treats bulging, bloated skin beneath the lower lid. In most cases, an incision is made below the lash line to remove fat surgically, and the skin is gently lifted to create a flatter, smoother look. Sometimes, a nonsurgical laser procedure may be performed to help with discoloration, while injectable fillers can add volume and smoothness if needed.


A quad lift combines both the upper and lower blepharoplasty procedures. It will utilize the techniques described above to create a younger-looking profile to the eyes. Specific details of this method can be discussed during your initial consultation, as it may not be right for everyone.

What does eyelid surgery entail?

Eyelid surgery can require up to two hours, depending on whether top, bottom, or both are corrected. After surgery, you should allow several days to rest. Cold compressions can assist in reducing swelling, bruising, and discomfort. The results of eyelid surgery may last a decade or longer, with long-lasting benefits, although natural aging will continue to occur. To maintain your refreshed look, nonsurgical treatments at North Shore Cosmetic Surgery, such as injections, fillers, and laser treatments can further enhance your look.

Blepharoplasty Reviews

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Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift) | North Shore Cosmetic Surgery

Look younger and more alive with eyelid surgery.

If you have impaired vision due to excess skin on the upper lid or suffer from visible bags beneath your eyes, then cosmetic eyelid surgery at North Shore Cosmetic Surgery may be ideal for you.

This treatment can allow you to look and feel younger and more vital. We welcome you to call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled plastic surgeons.

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