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AquaGold® in Huntington, NY

Microinfusion with AquaGold is an innovative new procedure that infuses skin-nourishing serums deep into your skin, providing rapid improvements in skin texture, skin tightness, and blemishes.

We customize your serum based on the skin conditions you want to improve and use the gold-plated AquaGold device to infuse the serum deep into your skin – where it will be most effective. This treatment has no side effects and is the perfect solution to brighten and improve your skin before social events, red-carpet functions, or other occasions where you want to look your best.

What is AquaGold?

AquaGold is a micro-infusion system that uses gold-plated microneedles to inject custom serums into your skin. The treatment is administered with a gentle stamping method for uniform delivery throughout your skin. It is one of the most gentle treatments available today – safe for even the delicate skin under your eyes. Your serum will be mixed right in front of you to ensure maximum potency, and can include:

  • Dermal fillers to plump and restore volume to your skin
  • Antioxidants to protect your skin
  • Growth factors to improve cellular health and regeneration
  • BOTOX® to decrease sebum and oil production
  • B-vitamins to naturally brighten your skin tone

AquaGold is safe for women and men of any age and any skin type. We will review your medical history to avoid an allergic reaction to the ingredients in your customized serum.

Your AquaGold treatment

A single AquaGold session lasts up to an hour and has no downtime or recovery period. You will be resting comfortably in one of our private treatment rooms as the patented AquaGold applicator is applied to your skin. The procedure is painless, and there are no limitations to your activity once completed. You can expect to see results appear over the following weeks, depending on the formulas of your customized skin-enhanced cocktail.

Why choose North Shore Cosmetic Surgery?

If you search online for skincare treatments, you may be overwhelmed with hype and miraculous claims for virtually any procedure. At North Shore Cosmetic Surgery, we have decades of experience with skin treatments, and we only offer what we know will produce elegant, natural-looking results.

We will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your skin and craft a tailor-made treatment plan to help you accomplish your unique skincare goals. Contact us today to schedule a private consultation and partner with us on your journey to cosmetic enhancement!

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